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1PC Coral Car Washer Sponge


Coral Car Washer Sponge Glass Cleaning Tool 

1,High quality porous coral polyester sponge, super absorbent, water storage, foaming strength.
2,Lightweight texture and comfortable feel.
3,Due to the material factor, cleaning the car and washing the car will not cause any damage to the paint.
4,Car wash sponge can effectively replace the shortcomings of insufficient foaming of towels, perfect foaming, and it is irreplaceable to remove stains.

1 foaming first-class; super soft; does not scratch the body surface
2 size is moderate, the palm feels comfortable
3 porous dense foaming.
4 high-quality materials, fine workmanship, excellent quality.
5 cotton for multi-purpose, for home use, industrial use
Keep away from fire.
Please squeeze out the water after washing and keep it in a safe place.

Package Included:

1* car wash sponge