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🎁Semi-Annual Sale-Sale-50% OFF🎀18 Pcs Hair Styling Twister Clip for Girl


The hair braided bands are ultra elastic, can be stretched easily and resume quickly, and can hold your hair tightly and not easy to loose up, suitable for thick, fine curly or straight hair. With this cute and lovely rubber bands, you can make your stylish hair styles in seconds. Save your time dressing up on your kids or yourself.

How to use:

*Method 1: 1.Tie up your hair and tie it into several strands; 2.Thread the top of the screw hair clip through the hairline and fix the screw hair clip; 3.Curl your hair with a screw clip to complete the styling.

*Method 2: 1.Grab some of your hair and turn it clockwise to make sure it doesn't come apart and fall off; 2.Wrap the hair from the top with a screw pin (the screw pin will make a perfect style shape near your roots); 3.Press the screw hair clip to wrap the hair to complete the styling.

Package contains :

18pcs Braided rubber hair band (3 pcs of each color)

you can change the color you like on everyday. Easy-to-use and carry up to your makeup bag or handbag. You can refer to the use way in the description.