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Car Cleaning Pad Glue(4PCS)


Remove stains and leave no residue! Safe and interesting car cleaning glue.


Made of Reusable Biodegradable Gel, Not Stimulation to Skin-Cleaning mud is friendly to the environment, not sticky to hand, the light fragrance is very fresh and not pungent. Can be used for multiple times until the gel turns to dark.


The solutions to clean nooks dust. Such as the vents or little crevices on the car air vent, steering wheel, console panel, storage bins, cup holder, keyboard, storage bin, printer, cell phone, calculator, speaker and PC screen, etc.

Multiple Colors

4 Pack Bottles for Easier Storage-280g total (Strawberry & Lemon & Grape & Blueberries) Independent bottle packaging is more convenient, not take up storage space in the car. Please put the mud into the sealed box after use and store the cleaning putty in a cool dry place.


Material: Soft glue
Color: Yellow, Blue, Pink, Purple

Package Content:

4PCS Clean Glue Slime