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Kinetic Art Perpetual Motion Machine


maze your friends and make them scratch their head with this clever machine. Everyone will love it.🤣


Multifunctional Perpetual Motion Simulator

This children's science education toy perfectly combines the laws of gravity and electromagnetic induction. The invisible mysterious force can stimulate curiosity, or cat and dog boredom relief gods.

Perpetual Motion Machine Kinetic Art Rolling Ball Perpetual Marble Machine  Desktop Decoration Kinetic Motion Toy for Home Office - AliExpress

Without Assembly

Our perpetual motion devices are rigorously tested for orbital precision at the factory. You don't need to assemble and adjust the track of the metal ball additionally.

It will keep you and anybody else who watches it mesmerized for hours.It is a decorative ornament, and it can also be used as a tool for physics explanation for elementary school students.

Great for home ornament, study or office desk table decor accessories, etc.

Also good for birthday gift and kid toy.The perpetual motion is a piece of revolving art for your desk.


  • Item Type: Decoration
  • Material: Wood/steel
  • Process: Spray Painting
  • Size: 6.69*6.69*3.93 in
  • Weight: 0.66 lb
  • Package: 1* Perpetual Motion Machine