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Lazy Horizontal Angle Glasses


Getting terrible headaches or neck pain because you'd like to read, watch TV or play with your phone in bed? How does one read following multiple level neck fusion without raising or turning their heads? These  Lazy Horizontal  Angle Glasses are the perfect answer for your problem here.

  • Function: Made users easily reading books, watching TV, playing with your phones and doing other operations in a supine position. Effectively prevent and lessen the fatigue and discomfort of the neck, the lumbar vertebra and the shoulder portion. You can look in a straight direction, even though your reading stuff is in your hands by your stomach!
  • Great Benefit To Health: Help you read in bed without eye fatigue or physical strain.
  • Effective: The optics are very clear and distortion free.
  • Can Be Worn Over Spectacles: The special spectacles are as similar in shape as ordinary glasses which makes it possible to wear it only or over your ordinary glasses and they are comfortable without putting pressure on your nose


Product Information:

  • Color: Black
  • Size: 15.3 X 13.5 X  4.5 cm ( L X W X H )


  • Please remove the glasses before falling asleep. 
  • Do not wear it while walking.
  • Please don't wear it for a very long time due to its a little bit heavy glass material.

Package Includes:

1 X  Lazy Horizontal Angle Glasses