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Pool Leaf Rake with Double Layer Deep-Bag


Pool cleaning and maintenance tools

Pool leaf skimmer

During the summer,the pool is make more fun. we can spend time enjoy the backyard with kids to release yourself or playing around.However, the pool needs to be maintained while we enjoy our time.No one wants to spend a lot of time cleaning. But don't worry,POOLWHALE makes it easy with our pool leaf skimmer.

Fine mesh: pool leaf bags grab tiny debris from the swimming pool bottom and surface, it will collect insects, leaves and debris to prevent dirt from entering your filter system, which will allow better water flow and longer filter cycles.A tough nylon skimmer net is less likely to develop holes and easily collects large volumes of debris. It won't pass back "through" the rake frame, allowing the contents to spill out.

Durable Aluminum frame:leaf catchers are slightly heavier than plastic, but handle is more weight. You can empty the net less frequently, resulting in less time pool cleaning. They cost more, but you get what you pay for.

For all pools:This Professional Grade aluminum leaf rake can be used on all pool types to collect dirt, leaves, debris, and more from walls, floors and surface of the pool. This one piece aluminum body has curved edges, no sharp edges. Fine mesh netting collects the smallest debris.

EZ clip:features soft touch, quick disconnect, fits most telescopic vacuum poles.(Not including poles)

Bear more weight

Strong aluminum alloy frame and double nylon net collects up to 50 pounds of debris!