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Professional Knife Sharpener


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The professional kitchen knife sharpener sharpens all your dull knives in seconds .It has two independent spring action rods made of Austrian tungsten carbide  that adapt to the edge of your knife better than a knives sharpening stone.Perfect for sharpening, sharpening and polishing your knife tools, such as standard, serrated and beveled knives. 
Equipped with one, all cutting problems are solved.

Sharpening, sharpening and polishing of various blades, such as Japanese knives, kitchen knives, serrated knives, boning knives, razors, knives, etc.

The advanced sharpening technique and the tungsten carbide spring action bars are only for sharpening and keeping the razor blades or knives sharp, theexquisite stainless steel design is resistant to wear and anticorrosive, ideal for decorating your kitchen as well !

  • The knife sharpener sharpens ALL your dull knives in seconds. 
  • It has two independent spring-action arms made of tungsten carbide that adapt to the edge of your knife better than a stone for sharpening knives.
  • Sharpen, sharpen and polish your old knives: give your chef knife and butcher knife a makeover.
  • The professional and portable knife sharpener works on all types of blades, such as standard, sawing and beveling.
  • Rugged nylon pads on the base of the solid sharpener are stable and non-slip for operation