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Silicone Caulking Tools


Applying and Removing Caulk is a common project, but one that is often messed up. The Silicone Caulking Tools will ensure professional results.

  • HIGH QUALITY -  Plastic fixed with Stainless Steel Remover. Durable and no thorns, waterproof, and solvent-resistance.
  • EASY TO USE & CONVENIENT -  Using the tool, saves half time to remove the dried caulk.
  • IDEAL TOOL - Ideal for corners, showers, windows. The smart dimension is applicable for interior and exterior caulking.
  • NO WASTE OF SEALANT - Excess sealant could be saved on a silicone pad.
  • SHARP ANGLE- Remover is applicable for dried caulk. The flat stainless steel won't scratch hard surfaces.


With the includes 5 different sized heads you can achieve that professional look with no stress!

The multiple sized options ensure a clean finish on a multitude of different surfaces.  Whatever substrate you are sealing against, this Silicone Caulking Tools will let you finish your project with ease!