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Woodworking Ink Marker


Have you ever tried to draw a perfect, long line for your wooden project, but the ruler is too short? And you might need to draw a few times to get the long line drawn!
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Woodworking Ink Marker is a tool for marking long, straight lines on relatively flat surfaces, much farther than is practical by hand or with a straightedge. They may be used to lay out straight lines between two points, or vertical lines by using the weight of the line reel as a plumb line. It is an important tool in carpentry, as it marks a clear, straight line on your woodwork that eases your task!
The string is laid across the surface to be marked and pulled tight. Next, the string is then plucked or snapped sharply, causing the string to strike the surface, which then transfers its ink to the surface along that straight line where it struck.

  • Made of high-quality material & premium-grade ultra-thin line.
  • Comes with a spool of 30m line.
  • Smooth gear-drive crank winding.
  • Compact, fits comfortably in the palm of your hand.
  • Durable and made to last.
  • NOTE: Ink not included

PACKAGE INCLUDES: 1 x Woodworking Ink Marker