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🎁Semi-Annual Sale-50% OFF🥟Sliding Pizza Shovel


Smart Sliding Mechanism: With a simple movement, you can lift the pizza with grace and elegance, preventing it from crumpling or precious ingredients from ending up scattered everywhere. This innovative mechanism makes the cooking process simpler and more professional.

Dimensional Versatility:  The size of this Sliding Pizza Shovel is: 55*35*0.7cm/ 21.7*13.78*0.28in. Whether you're creating a small, intimate pizza or a large, shareable one, this peel is ready to meet your every culinary need.

Quality Craftsmanship: The shovel is made from high quality natural materials. Plus, it's easy to clean, which means you can devote yourself to your passion without worrying about the aftermath of cooking.

Italian Craftsmanship Excellence: This Sliding Pizza Shovel is the result of an in-depth study conducted by Italian artisans who put their heart and soul into every detail. This product is proudly made in Italy, a symbol of quality craftsmanship and Italian culinary tradition.

Elevate Your Passion for Pizza: This product not only improves pizza preparation but transforms every creation into an extraordinary culinary experience. Delight friends and family with authentic Italian taste and discover how the Italian culinary tradition can become a fundamental part of your kitchen thanks to this shovel of excellence, a product made in Italy.


Material: Edible Grade PP

Size: 55*35*0.7cm / 21.7*13.78*0.28 inch