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Premium Quality Diamond Sharpening Stones(4pcs)


Diamond stones last longer and can also sharpen ceramic knives!



The diamond sharpening plate is made from diamond, which turns out to be tougher, stronger and more durable than those made out of stone material. The powder does not fall off easily while sharpening a knife.


One of the most outstanding features of this diamond sharpening plate is that there is no need to use water when you are sharpening the knife. Compared with the sharpening stone, this sharpening plate is proved to be working more efficiently.


Multi-Function USE

There is no doubt that this diamond sharpening plate has a wide range of application and it can be widely used in all kinds of cutting tools, such as tools grinding, scissors, chisels, plane irons and kitchen knives and more.



Package Include: 4 Piece of Premium Quality Diamond Sharpening Stones( 1* #240, 1*#500, 1*#600, 1*#1000)

Material: Diamond